Flawlessly Yours! Natural Organic Shaving Soap–Without Razor Burn!.

Flawlessly Yours! Natural Organic soap is THE MOST AMAZING SHAVE YOU’LL EVER HAVE! Not only does it moisturize and condition your skin, it softens your stubble for one of the closest, smoothest shaves you’ll ever have–and, without any razor burn! Unbelievable! You’ll wonder if you even have a blade in your razor–it’ll be that smooth–and no nicks to either your face or your blade, which will make every morning, every shave, refreshing and invigorating. With its clean, invigorating eucalyptic fragrance, it’ll be like your own, personal “home spa,” and very much something to look forward to each and every day! The lady in your life will thank you, too, as she will definitely notice the “new, improved, more youthful and smoother you”! And, as an unexpected bonus–even your blade will thank you, as it will last and last–some tell me, that even with daily use, it’ll last a full two months! For carefree, gentle, refreshing and smooth shaving, shouldn’t YOU be a “flawless fellow”? SHAVING INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Apply about a pea-size portion of Flawlessly Yours! Skin Cleanser all over your face (after shaking the bottle and testing the product first on the back of your wrist for allergies, etc.). 2) Pay particular attention to the area you wish to shave, which may require your applying more of the product than a pea-size portion, depending on the length of your stubble and/or your beard, and always, keep product OUT OF YOUR EYES, as it will sting slightly, as it IS soap, after all. 3) Then, for the “fun part’: Using a very hot, wet, wrung dry wash cloth (I recommend white, due to so many people having allergies), “steam off” the soap, by gently patting your face with the HOT, wet wash cloth. 4) Repeat steps 2) and 3) above with more soap and hot wash cloth, exactly–note, still NOT shaving. 5) Re-apply Flawlessly Yours! again, for the THIRD time, full strength. Now your skin and stubble are ready to shave! Using a new, clean, sharp razor, shave your face! And wow! The stubble will come off like nothing you’ve ever seen! 6) When done, steam your face free of all stubble with your wash cloth rinsed out in clear, hot water. Do not wipe your face dry; instead, AIR DRY or OPTIONALl: For a special treat, blow your face dry with a fan or blow dryer! Amazing. You’ll feeL–and look–like you just had a Botox application, your face will be so taut and smooth–and, on mere pennies a day!)

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