Automatic Wet Wipes Machine

Automatic wet wipes machine we produce runs very easily by entering requested data to full automatic Control Panel(PLC) touch screen. You won’t need any mechanical adjustment. If we simplify the subject, you can make mass production by entering temperature adjustments and number of napkins you want to produce- to electronic panel.

Wet wipes machine can be used to produce the :
wet tissue, medicine plaster, make-up remove wipe, disinfectant cotton paper, disinfectant napkin paper, shave wipes, cleansing towelette, glasses lens Cleaning towelettes, lens Cleaning tissues, lens wipes, computer Cleaning wet tissue, wet tissue used in hotel, wet tissue used for catering on plane, the computer clean tissue, the lens clean tissue, etc.

Our clients cover a variety of industries including Personal Care & Hygiene, Office Cleaning, Restaurants & Catering, industrial Cleaning, Travel & Convenience and Promotion and range from small businesses to multi-national retail outlets.

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