WIPE-RX® Refillable Wipe System Video Introduction

The WIPE-RX® System is the ultimate alternative to using a spray bottle, bucket and rag or pre-packaged wipes for surface cleaning and disinfecting. While there are other wipe products available, the WIPERX ® system is the only one that is designed to be used with the Airx disinfectants and cleaners. We provide the end user with proper labeling, (product
identification with cautions) for the WIPE-RX® containers. WIPE-RX® non woven Heavy-Duty Wipes are designed specifically for use with Airx concentrated disinfectants and outperform comparable wipes with our proven heavy duty design. Wipe-RX®
WIPES have been tested to not affect the quaternary levels after dilution and treatment.
Replace your open bucket and rag Cleaning and reduce your chemical usage.

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