7 Handy Things to Toss in Your Suitcase!

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Most of us know to pack basic clothing, toiletries, guidebooks and the like when we take a trip, but don’t forget these handy little essentials that can save the day in a multitude of scenarios.

Power strip: Airports and hotel rooms are always short of plugs, so bring your own (plus adapters) so all your devices stay juiced.

Duct tape: They ultimate MacGyver tool. Pack a small roll as you never know when you need to repair luggage, patch a shoe, remove lint, Baby-proof a socket and more.

Bandana: This versatile wonder can be a hand towel, hair tie, eye mask, cooling swab, fashion scarf, hobo bag, just about anything!

Refillable Water Bottle: Depending on where you’re going, buying bottled water might be best, but why go disposable if you can refill your own to stay hydrated on the road.

Ziploc bags: Not only do you need them for carting toiletry items, they’re handy for carting wet bathing suits, storing socks and underwear, coralling dirty duds, preventing leaks, keeping jewelry, packing electronics and cords, making an ice-pack etc…

Safety pins: For when your zipper breaks, backpack rips, button pops, bra strap snaps and endless other uses.

Wet wipes: Not just for messy toddlers, toss in a pack of antibacterial wipes to sanitize that tray table and hotel door knob, and use as a stain remover in a pinch.

Snacks: With airport delays and sketchy meal service on board, always have a few things on hand to keep the munchies at bay. Nobody likes a cranky traveler.

Hand scale: Airlines are taking a tough stance on baggage allotment, so know exactly how much you’re toting before you get to the airport and have to do an awkward reshuffle.

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