PetSolutions: Nature's Miracle Pet Wipes Bath Wipes

Nature’s Miracle Pet Wipes Bath Wipes help keep your pet clean and free of odors between baths and grooming. These easy to use bath wipes safely deep cleans your pet’s coat, eliminating tough pet odors and removing pet dander. They also naturally moisturize your pet’s coat and paws, keeping them healthy and shiny. They also minimize hairballs in cats, since loose hair and dander are picked up before they can be ingested. Pet Wipes are great for safely and gently Cleaning difficult areas, like face and ears. Using Pet Wipes helps reduce your pet’s body odor and dander, allowing you to make fewer trips to the groomer. Controlling dander also helps reduce allergies. Use Nature’s Miracle Pet Wipes on dogs, cats, or other small pets in need of Cleaning and odor control between baths. Each wipe measures 5″ x 8″.

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