What to NEVER Put On Your Face! – Dr. Anthony Youn

You might be harming your skin by what you’re putting on your face! Seriously. I’ve compiled a list of 5 things you should never, EVER apply to your face – and I’ll tell you exactly why – in this video. Do you use any of these? Hopefully NOT #1!

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37 thoughts on “What to NEVER Put On Your Face! – Dr. Anthony Youn”

  1. I wanted to say something in regards to the sodium laurel sulphate. In that it’s common in toothpastes and that my dad told me to avoid toothpastes with that in it as it was bad for my mouth due to ulcers.

  2. Alcohol denat in supposedly good skin care ruined my face. Then, bb cream with petroleum jelly gave me huge open pores and acne. Soap bar destroyed my skin in my teens when i thought i was battling acne with a famous anti acne soap bar.

  3. Sorry Doc , You are 100% wrong about petroleum jelly on your face . My Grandmother and all of my aunts and great aunts look decades younger than their true age. My grandma passed last year at 94 … her skin was amazing…. And yes she used petroleum jelly. I really like you but …no go on the petroleum. 💕💕

  4. Lol ,I'm dying from lol so hard ,I had heard stories about it ,I want to make you laugh, some of my friends will use this technique for their boldness, to see if their hair will grow, the big word semen on their scalp,lol zzzzz

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